YUME up 20% in 1 week

10 Jul 2017

June 2017 update

New trades in June 2017

YUME was the outstanding new trade recommendation this month. We put out a recommendation to our members on June 20 at $4.73, and highlighted the company had $2 / share in cash.

Two days later they announced a special dividend of $1.00, plus a quarterly dividend of $0.03, sending the share price quickly north.

Premium members who entered this trade are up 20% in one week. Not a premium member? Upgrade now.

SEDG is neutral from our recommendation price, however it has been added to the SmallCap 600 index earlier this week. This may put the company on the radar of more investors.

HPJ was the disappointing trade this month, down almost 15%. We flagged it as a high risk trade at the time with volatility likely, but still see long-term value.

Premium - One other trade recommendation is up 2%, but is only visible to premium members at this stage.

Other notes

PNTR is up over 7% for the month. It continues a slow grind upwards, which is what we love to see in stocks. Not too much volatility and a beautiful uptrend over many months / years.

The tech industry pulled back this month, and as a result our year-to-date performance has pulled back a bit. 78% of trades are profitable with an average return of 27%. Which is an average annual return of 60%.

Happy trading!


Head of Investments

Posted by Chris
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