CFO Highlights AAOI Is The Leading Optics Manufacturer

12 Sep 2017

Here's a breakdown of the important comments recently made by Applied's CFO, Stefan Murry. public

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Trades update - August 2017

5 Sep 2017

August started off with the earnings season in full swing and ended with continuing speculation and concerns about North Korea. It's certainly been a roller coaster! public

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Is YY Planning To Purchase Bigo Live?

5 Sep 2017

YY has recently raised $US 450, giving them a $1bn war chest for global growth. Bigo Live is an acquisition that makes a lot of sense. public

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Trades update - July 2017

4 Aug 2017

Year to date performace increased to 34% average return per trade for the first 7 months. Key movers included AAOI, HPJ, UCTT, YY and MOMO. public

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This company has a PE less than 5 with earnings growth over 50%! Members only

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How to profit from our trades

26 Jul 2017

We answer all your questions on how to best profit from our trade recommendations. When should I enter and exit a trade? How to manage risk? How many trades should I enter at once? public

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Quality over Quantity - The Killatrades Strategy

20 Jul 2017

We evaluate 30 companies a day, but only recommend a small few that meet our simple objective. Here's how we consistently outperform the market.

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YUME up 20% in 1 week

10 Jul 2017

YUME was the outstanding new trade recommendation this month. We put out a recommendation to our members on June 20 at $4.73, and highlighted the company had $2 / share in cash.

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