Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions. If you're question isn't listed, please contact us.

How am I notified of new trades or news?

Trade alerts and members only trade notes are sent via email to your registered email address. We then make that information available on our website for future reference.

We release a mixture of content to the public, members only and a delay for non-members. This depends on how much research and effort has gone into producing the content.

Ultimately we provide the most timely and heavily researched content to premium members.

How can I best contact you?

We currently offer email support. Simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you via email.

I've just discovered Killatrades - Is it too late to enter the trades listed?

If you have just come across our website, look at the most recent trades or those with the lower percentage return. Those are the ones most likely to offer significant upside from current levels.

Our trade recommendations are based on company fundamentals, so we make no technical guidance on entering or existing stocks.

As a result, we will often buy a company at an all-time-high not waiting for a pull back. If we believe it’s significantly undervalued we will buy the company and wait for it to achieve a more reasonable valuation.

Also read more about our investment strategy or contact us if you still have further questions.

As a new subscriber where should I start ?

You will first need a stock trading account to purchase shares in the United States.

Next — look through our list of current trades to see which companies are still undervalued from their initial recommendation. Look at the most recent trades, as they are the ones with the largest potential returns.

NOTE: We will shortly be adding extra tools to make this easier and for viewing our price targets for trades

How should I place the trades?

Our investment focus is on US listed companies on the NYSE or NASDAQ, so you will require a trading account to buy these stocks.

There is a list of US brokers on the NASDAQ website that can be helpful if you’re trading for the first time.

Our research may identify multi-billion dollar companies where you can use leverage to buy the companies ie. via contracts for difference (CFDs). In other instances it may be a much smaller company valued less than $100m where it’s not possible to gain leverage, in which case you must use 100% cash to purchase the stock.

We don’t focus on short sell opportunities or options.

Learn about how to profit from our trades

When / how often are new trades posted?

We are driven by what opportunities present themselves. As such, we may not recommend a trade for a month, then recommend two in a week.

Unlike most other trade recommendation services, our strategy is to focus on quality over quantity of trades, which is shown by our high success rate of over 80% profitable trades.

Learn more about the Killatrades strategy